07 Days Discover Sri Lanka Tour

Day 01 - Negombo to Dambulla

A fun vacation that travels across the best tourist destinations in six days, Start your journey to the fantastic tourist location \\\"Dambulla,\\\" one of Ceylon\\\'s great historic landmarks. There are many historical  facts to learn at this world heritage site, including how securely maintained cave arts can be captured in this place with the very wonderful lion rock \\\"Sigiriya\\\". Arrive at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage while traveling. It is a location where people can see enormous elephants. Even a planned hot air balloon excursion to discover Sri Lanka\\\'s rich travel history. Another wonderful experience that can be had is riding an elephant.

Day 02 - Dambulla to Kandy

Start as conveniently as possible with the safest trip to avoid endless travel temptation. The main attraction is Kandy, the final Ceylonese monarchy. Many things can be seen from a wider perspective. Then arrive in the revered and historic city of Kandy. Major attractions include the Royal Botanical Garden, the Temple of the Tooth Relic, the Kandy Cultural Show, and the Udawatta Bird Sanctuary.

Day 03, 04 - Nuwara Eliya

Visitors will be treated to an even more scenic and breathtaking spectacle thanks to the giant, steep mountains that are shrouded in mist. a fantastic tourist attraction with stunning views that is situated in the heart of Sri Lanka. The location of World`s End, Hakgala Botanical Garden, several waterfalls, and ancient temples is fantastic. For visitors, Lovers Leap, Vitoria Park, and Horton Plains will add to the Christmas magic. Adams Peak hiking and boating at Gregory Lakes are other attractions on this priceless land. A temperate and chilly temperature is ideal for vacations.

Day 05 - Sri Pada Mountain (Adem`s peak Trekking)

One of the most important Buddhist sites. On the summit of the mountain, Lord Buddha left his imprint. Every year, numerous Buddhist pilgrims travel to this wonderful location, and many customs have been acquired with these travelers. Adam\'s Peak is another name for this location; however, climbing the peak will reward you with even more beautiful and magnificent vistas. It is    impossible to put into words how wonderful the sunrise is in the morning. King Vijayab (1055–1110) is credited with introducing pilgrims to Sri Pada Mountain, also known as Adam\'s Peak. As a result, various traditions have developed around this wonderful excursion.

Day 06 - Nuwara Eliya to Ella

Ella is the next visit; it`s another piece of heaven on earth. The excellently equipped backdrop encourages guests to display their enthusiasm more. Ella`s surroundings are truly magnificent and perfectly complemented by a fantastic vacation. A wonderful location where you can completely unwind both physically and spiritually. Expect to arrive at Ella Rock, a fantastic location with amazing views, during the day. Not even that it perfectly blends with breathtaking vistas while ascending the mountain. Other than stopping at the nine-arch bridge, the entire journey a bridge was entirely made of bricks, with no use of steel bars. A magnificent invention from the colonial age. Don`t even plan on visiting the Dowa Temple, which dates back more than two thousand years.

Day 07 - Ella to Udawalawa

On the next morning, started off for Udawalawe. Planned to visit Rawana Waterfall on the way to Udawalawe. A genuinely fantastic and beautiful location. The ideal place to unwind in this semi-dry climate and a superb tourist destination with many attractions. Can spend more spare time in front of the magnificent reservoir and among the beautiful natural surroundings. Additionally, you can go on a safari in the Udawalawe National Park to witness more elephants in one location. Because there are more species to be found here, this national park is special. Not even a particularly good chance to go camping. However, you can go to an orphanage for elephants. The island of Udawalawe is an amazing place to visit.

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